You’re hired! Now what?

Congratulations on your new position as a student employee at DePaul University! We're happy to welcome you to the dynamic team of student employees working on campus at DePaul.

1. Maintain Enrollment

Only enrolled students are eligible for Student Employment.

Students (U.S. Citizens) International Students
Enrollment Requirement Half-time Full-time
   Undergraduate 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
   Graduate 4 credit hours 8 credit hours
   Law 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
Work Hour Limits Up to 25 hours per week* Up to 20 hours per week*

*During winter break, spring break and summer you may work more hours, based on office needs and manager approval. International Students must first check with International Student and Scholar Services (ISS) before working more than 20 hours.

Please note that the 20 to 25 hours per week limit is inclusive of all employment. For example, if a domestic student works 20 hours a week in one job, he/she may only work 5 hours a week in a second job.

2. Come to the Office of Student Employment (DePaul Center 9500 or SAC 192) and bring:

  • Your SEAF – Student Employment Action Form completed by your supervisor
  • Your ID(s): You will have to fill out the federal I–9 form which verifies your identity and eligibility to work in the United States. For acceptable forms of identification, please review the I–9 list of acceptable documents (PDF, page 9).

All forms of identification must be original. We will NOT accept photo copies or faxes of identification!

F–1 or J–1 Students

You must bring the following forms of identification to the office once you are hired:

  • SEAF
  • Passport
  • I–94 Card
  • SEVIS I–20

3. Complete Your Hiring Packet Paperwork.

  • Come into Office of Student Employment prior to your start date to complete the correct paperwork in order to be eligible to start working.

Incomplete paperwork – your pay or employment may be delayed!

If, for any reason, your hiring packet is incomplete, you and your supervisor will be notified that there is a problem. If you receive notification of incomplete paperwork, come to the Office of Student Employment (DPC 9500 or SAC 192) as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Hiring packets will be considered incomplete if:

Your employment will be suspended and you will have to stop working if the I-9 is not completed within 3 business days of the date your employment begins.

4.Update Employee and Personal Information in Campus Connect

  • Mailing Address
  • Complete W-4 and W-2 Consent Form
  • Enter Direct Deposit Information