Student Temporary Services

Student Temporary Services (STS) is an on–campus temporary service that places DePaul Students in temporary assignments in departments around campus that provide the opportunity to earn a wage and build your work experience and skills. This service is also an excellent way to begin climbing up the Ladder of Employment.

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Email: Student Manager, Phone: 312–362–5850, Office: DePaul Center, Suite 9500 Chicago, IL 60604

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Our Mission:

Mission for our students: To give the opportunity for students to earn a wage and build valuable experience and transferrable skills

Mission for our clients: To efficiently provide solutions to temporary staffing needs by providing skilled and experienced workers

Student Benefits

  • Ability to work part- time while balancing school and personal obligations
  • Experience for resume building
  • Exposure to a variety of University departments and staff
    • Gain experience working with managers/peers, learn about office etiquette, have a professional experience outside a classroom setting
  • Possibility of transitioning into a part-time, on-campus job
    • Based on the quality of work provided by the student while on the temp assignment, and the needs of the department, the student may be asked to work for that department directly

Manager Benefits

  • STS provides a one-stop service by
    1. Outsourcing the search for a worker within a short time frame; average time to hire takes 3 weeks, however STS can provide a qualified student worker in 24-48 business hours
    2. Outsourcing administrative tasks—STS saves substantial time on administrative burdens related to the recruitment process such as screening and interviewing candidates