My student employee is graduating this spring; can they continue to work over the summer?
Once a student has completed the requirements for graduation they may work until the start of the next quarter. For example; if a student graduates at the end of spring quarter they may work over the summer, but must stop working for DePaul prior to the start of the fall quarter. Exception: International students must immediately stop working as a student employee upon completion of graduation requirements.
Can my student work full–time over winter break?
Yes, based on your department needs. When the university is on academic break (winter, spring, summer) the 25 hour per week restriction (20 for international students) does not apply. Students may work up to 40 hours per week, based on department needs and budgetary constraints. International Students must first check with the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) before working more than 20 hours.
What are the benefits to students who choose to work on campus?
Students who work on campus are exempt from the FICA tax. They pay a total of 7.5 percent less tax on the income they earn as student employees. They also have the added benefit of working in close proximity to where they are going to class and studying.
What should I do if I am experiencing a disciplinary problem with my student employee?
Please follow the Progressive Discipline Policy and consult the Student Employment staff of the Career Center before terminating any student employee or with any questions.
Are student employees entitled to breaks during the workday?
By law, any employee working more than 7.5 consecutive hours shall be provided a minimum of 20 minutes of unpaid time for lunch, and the break must be given no later than 5 hours after beginning work. These employees should not be allowed to work through or otherwise forego the break. While you are not required by law to give part–time employees a break if their works shifts are less than 7.5 hours, the Office of Student Employment encourages you to allow student employees an unpaid lunch break when their shift happens over the lunch hour. Your student employee may be coming to work straight from class and not have time to stop for lunch.
Do I have to give my student employee a performance appraisal?
Yes. Student Employees are entitled to a yearly performance appraisal. Review the Student Employee Performance Appraisal Page for more information. The Office of Student Employment recommends you conduct a performance appraisal every six months.