What are the benefits to students who choose to work on campus?
Students who work on campus are exempt from FICA taxes on wages earned during academic terms in which they are enrolled at least half-time. They also have the added benefit of working in close proximity to where they are going to class and studying.
What should I do if I am experiencing a disciplinary problem with my student employee?
Please follow the Progressive Discipline Policy and consult the Student Employment staff of the Career Center before terminating any student employee or with any questions.
Do I have to give my student employee a performance appraisal?
Yes. Student Employees are entitled to a yearly performance appraisal. Review the Student Employee Performance Appraisal Page for more information. The Office of Student Employment recommends you conduct a performance appraisal every six months.
What are the eligibility requirments for my domestic/international student employee?
Employment eligibility varies based on the student’s enrollment and citizenship status. See the chart below for details.

Students (U.S. Citizens) International Students
Enrollment Requirement Half-time Full-time
   Undergraduate 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
   Graduate 4 credit hours 8 credit hours
   Law 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
Work Hour Limits Up to 25 hours per week* Up to 20 hours per week*
When can my student employee work more than the hour limits shown above?
Students with citizen status may work up to 40 hours per week during breaks from the academic quarter (i.e. summer, winter intercession, and spring break). International students must receive clearance to work up to 40 hours per week through International Student and Scholar Services (ISS). Student employees will need approval from their manager before working extended hours.
Can my student employee work once he/she has graduated?
Domestic students can work during the break period after their graduation, but must cease working at the start of the next academic quarter. For example, if the student graduated in June, he/she can work through summer break until September when the fall quarter begins. International students must end their student position by the last day of classes.
My student has more than one on-campus position. Can she work up to 25 hours per week in each job?
No, the hours for each on-campus position are combined to reach the student’s work hour limits. For example, if a domestic student works 15 hours per week in one position, he/she is limited to working 10 hours per week in the other position.
Should my student receive paid lunches?
Illinois law states that any employee working more than 7.5 consecutive hours shall be provided a minimum of 20 minutes of unpaid lunch time, with the break being given no later than 5 hours after beginning work. However, in the Vincentian spirit, DePaul’s Office of Student Employment recommends offering the student a 30 minute paid lunch break on full work days (depending on budgetary constraints). No work can be done during break periods. The key here is to settle on one lunch break policy and keep it consistent for all employees.