Hire a Student Employee

More than 3,000 DePaul students work at DePaul each year. These students play a crucial role in the university operation and success. While working on–campus, they are earning income that helps them defray the cost of their education, while building the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed in the world of work. Student employees also have the opportunity to form stronger connections to the university, a connection that has been proven to increase retention.

Six Steps to Hiring a DePaul Student

  1. Create a job description.
  2. Post the job on the Campus Job Board.
  3. Students apply for job on the Campus Job Board.
  4. Interview and select a student.
  5. Hire. (Follow–up with students who were not selected.)
  6. Prior to their start date, send the student to the Office of Student Employment with a completed SEAF and hiring paperwork.
  7. Review the Manager Resources section for tips on orientation, payroll and more!