Find an On–Campus Job

An on–campus job offers more than just a paycheck and short commute! It’s an opportunity to build skills and gain experience that will prepare you for your future career. As with any other job search, landing an on–campus job is a competitive process. But, the Office of Student Employment has plenty of resources to help you with your search.

Steps to a Successful On–Campus Job Search

  1. Prepare a resume.
  2. Login to the Campus Job Board. First–time users will be prompted to create a profile.
  3. Upload your completed resume in the Campus Job Board.
  4. Search and apply for jobs. Review listings daily and respond quickly to positions that you are interested in!
  5. Prepare for your interview—schedule a practice interview.
  6. Follow up with the jobs for which you’ve applied.
  7. Send thank you e–mails to staff with whom you’ve interviewed.
  8. Having difficulty? Reach out to the Office of Student Employment for help.

Before You Apply – Eligibility Requirements

You can start applying for on-campus employment once you have enrolled (at least half–time) for classes. Use your Campus Connection ID and password to login to the Campus Job Board.

Students (U.S. Citizens) International Students
Enrollment Requirement Half-time Full-time
   Undergraduate 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
   Graduate 4 credit hours 8 credit hours
   Law 6 credit hours 12 credit hours
Work Hour Limits Up to 25 hours per week* Up to 20 hours per week*

*During holiday/school breaks and summer, you may be able to work more hours based on office needs and manager approval. International Students must first check with International Students and Scholar Services (ISS) before working more than 20 hours. Student employees will need approval from their manager before working extended hours.

Please note that the 20–25 hours per week limit is inclusive of all on-campus employment.”. For example, if a domestic student works 15 hours a week in one job, he/she may only work 10 hours a week in his/her second job.